Why WorkplaceFL

We design, build, and operate workplace all over the USA, so Fortune 500 leaders can make success simple.

Make Flexible Moves

With over 15 million square feet of prime commercial office space at your fingertips, you can flex in and out with ease, get down to business fast, and optimize your investment.

Design Smarter Spaces

Deliver a consistent experience for your people around the world, use data to improve your utilization, and make your workplace smarter and more effective over time.

Engage Your People

Attract and retain top talent with workplaces, amenities, and programming all designed to bring out the best in your people.

Solutions Designed for You

Big businesses have needs of every size. Find workplace solutions that fit all your demands.

Standard Private Office

Get down to business fast with move-in ready private offices to accommodate teams of all sizes. Includes desks, chairs, and filing cabinets.

Best for:
Companies of 1-25+
Small teams
Remote workers
Temporary space

Global Access

Give your teams unlimited access to hundreds of workplaces globally. They can book a hot desk at any location for as many days as they need.

Best for:
Teams of 15+
Traveling executives
Mobile sales teams
Remote employees

Office Suites

An upgraded private office with access to premium shared spaces and amenities. Includes your own meeting rooms, lounges, and executive offices dedicated to your team.

Best for:
Teams of 6+
Large satellite office
Regional HQ
Innovation space

Custom Buildout

Take the space you need—from a full floor to an entire building—and we’ll transform it to meet your needs. We can build any space you imagine, from music studios to showrooms.

Best for:
Companies of 50-500+
Innovation Labs
Your dream office

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Reimagine your workplace, transform your culture. We’ll bring the power of WorkplaceFL to your current space, creating an environment that connects your people, supports your culture, and grows your business.