Amenities Around the Clock

From front-desk service to fresh fruit water, utilities & security to employee events, our spaces include all-inclusive amenities that are cost-effective—and meaningful.

amentity-1Super Fast Internet
amentity-1Daily Cleaning
amentity-1IT Support
amentity-124/7 Building Access
amentity-1Global Network
amentity-1Office Supplies
amentity-1Craft on Draft
amentity-1Business-Class Printers
amentity-1Micro-Roasted Coffee
amentity-1Mail & Package Handling
amentity-1Private Phone Booths

Coworking Space FL

With dozens of locations spread throughout Florida WorkPlaceFL has your perfect coworking space in FL. The capital of advertising, media, fashion, and finance, this state is also home to fast-growing startups and nonprofits. Each of our buildings has a different vibe, so if you’re looking for a vibrant shared office space to engage your team, network over coffee, or impress clients, you’ll find it here.

Why Choose a Coworking Office Space in FL?

Florida has always been a state of entrepreneurs, and it’s never been more true than today. More of the world’s fastest growing companies are based here than in any other state. As the landscape of work changes, so too does the workplace. That’s where WorkPlaceFL comes in, offering all the everyday conveniences of a dedicated office space like front desk staff and gorgeous meeting rooms, along with added perks like month-to-month flexibility, networking events, and free-flowing coffee. And the best part is there are dozens of buildings all over the state, so it’s easy to find the just-right place to make your mark.